• Riley Trotter

Why Should I Update My Content Regularly

A stale website is a bad website...

Making updates and changes to your website is very important for SEO. Search engines want to send traffic to sites that are up-to-date and have updates constantly with content. Why?.. because when sites have new content published more often people that enjoy that content come back more often. In result, search engines see that traffic as a credible source. So, it will refer your site to new search viewers seeing that people that searched that same criteria matched with your page content.

Things you can include as content updates are simple or more complex. It could be as simple as a quick link to customer you have done work for, uploads of a photoshoot you did as a photographer, or any new pages to expand your website. Some more complex options could include customer testimonials, video content, or blogging.

Make sure to update your content regularly. It will pay off in the long run...

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