• Riley Trotter

Is SMS Marketing Dead? New Research Says Not Just Yet

We are all getting tired of the spam calls, and now no one answers a call from a number they don't recognize. Could this be the re-entry to SMS marketing? I think so.

At Least with SMS marketing it gets the message in front of you and you get to choose whether you want to open the link attached or not.

Phone calls will be getting more and more distant in use in the foreseeable future. The convenience of email and text, trumps all variables of communication. We are so busy with our schedules on a day to day basis that we don't have time to respond immediately.

Especially with Covid-19, the screen time really increased with consumers.

Not only that but with all the email campaigns from brands, you spend most your time going through emails you don't even read.

This is a great time to start an SMS marketing campaign. You will see increased reach and conversions.

Reach out with us to start your SMS campaign today!

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