• Riley Trotter

How To Scale Content Production Like A King 👑

Ever heard the term "Content is King?" If not, now you do. There is some real meaning behind this phrase, and it has to do with the fact the content runs today's world. You should think of everything as "content." Social platforms live off content, your life lives off content, and businesses run off content.

Why is content so important in our lives and why do we revolve everything around it? The easy answer is because we love to consume content.

Content is a way for us and businesses to tell our story or a story. Your new social media post to your personal profile of your latest trip to Disney. You posted content that told your story about that trip. The same goes for a business. The business posts a new video online talking to clients and getting testimonials. That is the story from each client about their experience.

It is important to have relevant content as much as you can to build a recognizable brand and grow. Your goal is always to stay on the forefront of your consumers mind.

So, let's go over ways we can scale our content to maximize brand recognition.

Focus On Quality, Then Build On Top Performers

Don't chase after the quick and easy route when it comes to producing content. Sometimes having really good content even once or twice a week can be better than blasting multiple content pieces daily. So focus on creating good quality content, and when you notice top performing content, build off that.

Be Great At One Thing, Then Expand

You don't have to enter every content medium right off the get go. Start with one source (blog, podcast, vlog, etc.) and then expand to others once you have gotten a good hang of it and developed results.

Break Down The Process

Everything is easier in steps... so, focus on your steps to scale your content. For example, in my blog posts I have all my date management in Trello. I have a step-by-step workflow on what topic I am going to write about next. I break it down to: create imaging or video content for post, writing phase, written and scheduled for posting, and completed posts. All these steps have time bound completion dates to make sure they are completed by the end goal post date. Which if you haven't already noticed is every Monday. It helps me keep organized and schedule all my other content as well.


Eventually depending on your content and what you do with your content. It will make sense to invest in software to remove redundant processes. Automation is one of the true pieces to scaling. Make sure this is right for you and at the right time.

Analyze And Adjust

You should not be throwing out random content that you have no insights into. Great content producers always know why they are posting the content they post. In the beginning, yes it may be a spray-and-pray mentality. That is because you have no insights to judge or reflect on. Make sure you analyze the data and see what topics or content get the most recognition. If you have a post that doesn't generate much interest, I wouldn't do a follow up on that topic. Focus on something that generates high interest.


Now it is time to get on bigger stages, let's talk about video content and podcasts. Video content and podcasts run the content market right now. There is a reason why Tik-Tok, a video only production social platform, is a top grossing app. We love to consume video.

Podcasts make for great storytelling content. Podcasts happen to be a newer platform, but have high demand and see more and more content being published through podcasts daily. It is one of the lesser competitive platforms, so it makes for a great time to start.

Keep consistent and follow these steps to help grow your content. Let us know if you have any questions on how to grow your content or help create content!

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