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Google Posts: The Free and Simple Way for SMBs to Leverage Local Search

It's no secret that Google remains one of the biggest assets for you and your organization with lead generation and bringing customers to you. In fact, last year it is reported that one of every three people used internet search engines to find the products and services they were looking for. Knowing that, it is important to make sure you have an established business profile, and in this case we talk about Google.

Google has helped many small to medium sized business share their profiles by creating the My Business option to put your organization on the map. I highly suggest, if you already haven't, create your my business profile. It allows you to manage your brand image and even respond to consumer reviews. For today's discussion, I want to talk about the posting options.

What is a Google My Business Post? Glad you asked... a Google My Business Post is a business announcement, offer, event, or product update that appears on your Posts and Overview tabs and Google My Business website. Depending on the nature of your customers’ search query, your Google Post will either show up on Google’s Search or Map results.

It is important that when you are creating your post, that you get their attention as best as possible. You can describe your offer, product, or event in up to 300 words, upload an image, video, or GIF, and add call-to-actions to prompt product purchases, reservations, and newsletter signups. Your audience can share your Google Posts on social media too.

Google also has an analytics feature that allows you to see how many people clicked on your posts and interacted. These posts only have a seven day life span, so make sure you are updating regularly. The only posts that last longer than 7 days are the events. Those will drop off when the event period is over.

The best part about this is... IT'S ALL FREE! Take advantage of a free way to promote your business on Google Maps and Search. It could be the difference between you and a competitor.

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