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5 Steps To Get Your Business Up And Running With Marketing

A marketing plan is one of the first things you should get started on when you start a business. How do you plan to reach the market with your products or services? Well, let's figure that out together!

It is hard enough to get a business started in the first place, and it can be a whole lot harder at getting customers or clients. There are many different obstacles you have to overcome in the process. The first couple clients or customers are even some of the hardest to get. This is most likely because you don't have any references or testimonials that customers and clients like to see before they buy to make sure you don't waste their time!

So, what do we need to do right off the get go to make sure we are starting strong with our marketing objectives and goals as a company to get where we need to be.

5 Steps To A Great Marketing Plan

  1. Conduct a situational analysis

  2. Define your target audience

  3. Set SMART goals

  4. Measure and analyze your tactics

  5. Set the budget

Conduct A Situational Analysis

Before we can even start marketing efforts we need to know our situation. What are our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and even threats with our business?

Do we know our market well and be aware of our competitors and what they are doing? Knowing some strengths and weaknesses of competitors will help you in competitive situations as well as how you differentiate. It also lets you know what they are doing well and what you can mimic and what to take advantage of as a weakness.

Define Your Target Audience

Once you have a good understanding of your competitors and the market you can focus on defining your target market. What industry or type of business does your product or service service best in.

For example, I own and sell a real estate lead software. My target market would be to sell real estate agents, property management companies, and even real estate brokers, or anything along those lines. They are the market I have built my software for. Sure I could sell it to a 7-11 if they really wanted to buy it… but more than likely they won't.

So, understand your target audience and who you plan to market to the most that has the highest chance of sale.

Set SMART Goals

It is very hard to know where you want to go if you do not set any goals. If you do not plan out a goal or any metric how do you expect to evaluate yourself. It doesn't have to be anything crazy, and could be as simple as growing my social media following up to 100 followers.

SMART goals are the way to set goals if you are putting goals together. SMART goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. This is extremely important because it will make sure your goals are not vague… Give yourself something to push for.

An example of a smart goal is: gain 100 followers on Facebook on my 6 month anniversary start date.

See nice, simple, and easy to understand. It is clear what you need to do, and by when to reach that goal and advance to the next.

Measure And Analyze Your Tactics

Now we have our target audience figured out and our goals written and ready. Let's find out the best way to reach our goals.

Like the example I used previously, I gained 100 followers on Facebook on my 6 month anniversary, what did or do we do to reach that. Is it we posted daily content to reach more viewers, we wrote blogs on relevant content that brought people to our page, or did we use paid advertising to promote our page.

Start thinking of tactics to achieve those goals and understand which ones work and don't, so you can maximize on your results.

Set The Budget

Finally, we have almost our full marketing plan put together to get us on the ground and running. Lets know our maximum or minimum spend we want to include to reach our goals.

Like I mentioned earlier, maybe you will be using paid advertising or marketing software to improve results. These things cost money. How much are you able and willing to spend on a monthly basis to get these targets?

Knowing your budget will keep you in your means and allow you to grow without hurting yourself.


Thanks for reading and I hope I helped bring light to “how I can get my business up and running with marketing”, or “how I can get more sales for my business”. These 5 steps will help get your business up and running faster to reach your goals.

If you have any questions in regards to this topic or any topic really, please reach out to me at

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