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10 Reasons Why To Add Podcasts To Your Content Strategy

Updated: Jun 1

It has been some time now since I made the switch from listening to the radio or my music playlist that I hear day-in and day-out. It became a habit that I noticed showed no value to me really, nor did I learn anything new from it. So, one day I played around on my podcast app on my iPhone about 2 years ago. I quickly found some interesting subjects listed on the "most listened too" home page tab. I remember listening to a murder mystery series that got me hooked instantly. I thought to myself, well this is great that you have access to this type of content whenever and it doesn't really matter what the topic is about. Flash forward to today, you now see major podcast influencers like Joe Rogan who signed with Spotify for a reported $100 plus million dollars. The market and interests in podcasts are definitely there. Lets go over 10 reasons why podcasts have taken a huge leap in the past couple years.

1. Podcasts Have Low Competition

High engagement and low competition helps win more recognition. That is the path that keeps good marketers ahead of the rest. While there are tens of millions of Facebook account users there are only hundreds of thousands in podcasts airing. Of those podcasts is can be very likely that there may only be little competition on your discussions.

2. The Content Is Engaging & Convenient For Listeners

The best part about podcasts is that they are so easy for listeners to find and listen too. Podcasts are available on multiple streaming platforms and you can find quick episodes to more in depth episodes. So, depending on your availability for content duration, you have options.

3. Mobile-friendly

Mobile-friendly content consumption is what all parties are looking for these days. We live in a busy world and our phones are our swiss-army knives. So, having a mobile-friendly content option is vital. Its also mentioned that about 70% of podcast audiences are listening via mobile devices.

4. Podcast Consumption Is Growing

Podcast listeners are growing daily. There were about 48 million weekly listeners in 2018 and expected to grow past 115 million in 2021. Don't think you are too late to the party... this is expected to climb more and more as it will be a place to enjoy almost any type of content you can think of.

5. Podcast Audiences Are The Loyalist Of Them All

Did I mention podcast listeners are LOYAL.. Yes, they are the loyalists of them all. Because podcasts can work like a subscription style, much like YouTube, your listeners can subscribe to your channel and get notified every time you have a new post. They will keep coming back and listening to your content. In fact they are more likely to connect with you on your social media pages.

6. Interact With Your Audience

One of the reasons why podcasts are so engaging and keep bringing back loyal listeners is because they are interactive. Hosts can create audience polls, answer questions, and take “calls,” just like a traditional radio show. This helps pull listeners in, and keep them coming back. They feel like they are connected to the content.

7. Costs Are Scalable

To start podcasting, all you really need is a device that can record your discussion. Just like many other content creations, there is different levels of quality. So, duh, a cheap recording system is going to sound cheap. Consumers won't like that as much. You don't have to break the bank to get started, so just research options that work the best for your budget to begin that have decent sound quality. Then, as you progress, you can upgrade your equipment and editing software to make it the best quality possible for a great listening experience.

8. Building Credibility And Leadership

One of the main reasons why people enjoy the consumption of podcasts are because of their trust in the other persons content or knowledge. This is a great platform to show your expertise and knowledge to share information to help others. This platform is a great education tool that will continue to grow in the future.

9. Listeners Have Disposable Income

On average the consumer earns about $10,000 more than the average U.S. consumer, according to a 2016 podcast report. And 15% of listeners make more than $150,000 annually.

Having disposable income leads me to believe that listeners have higher education. Which also leads me to understand that they like to learn more and gain more knowledge through content in podcasts.

10. Consistency Is Key

Blog posts should be scheduled on a consistent basis even though your audience may not take notice. With podcasts, your audience will notice if you are not consistent. This can drastically effect your growth and connection with your audience.

Podcasts as you can see can have a great impact on your content strategy. It also is an option to build credibility and leadership. Make sure you give it a long hard look to see if it makes sense for your goals! It can be time consuming, but the more you put in the better off your consumers will thank you! Let us know how we can help answer your questions!

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